I'm just a regular guy with exceptional hair.

all i want is sleep yet when i comes time to get my full 8 hours i waste the opportunity doing petty shit. i really have no discipline.

i think i know who killed joffrey. its only a spoiler if i’m right.. but i think the queen’s mother did it. she was watching so closely as tyrion poured the wine. she was on the edge of her seat. she had to do it. 

2nd guess is oberyn.. but i think he wants to kill someone else. but who was there as the fool guy was being made joffrey’s bitch? ah, coulda been him too! gah!




i can’t cum unless she cum

U not a real nigga if u dnt live by this

Fuck that if she don’t cum that’s HER problem why make it mine?

real niggas still get theirs, but OP is on simp mode

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